Originally from Conrad Hilton's first rooming house, the bar now graces the Owl Bar & Cafe.  According to the story that has come down through the years, A.H. Hilton, father of Conrad Hilton, ordered the 1880's Brunswick-Balk-Collender bar for his rooming house. The rooming house/mercantile store/saloon burned down in 1945. The back bar burned but the front bar was saved. Frank and Dee Chavez bought the bar. It took two days for a group of men to move the bar over two miles down the street by hand. J.E. Miera, Dee's father, put the 25 foot mahogany bar in his little grocery store/bar.

First the bar was a standing bar, but at some point the bar was cut down to accommodate bar stools. The bar is a registered cultural property. Over the years, thousands of people - famous, tourists, and locals - have touched this bar. Behind the bar is the obligatory assortment of liquors, but also a collection of memorabilia, including owls of every shape, size, stuffed, glass, ceramic, or plastic. The collection of owls grows each year.

Remember your visit to the Owl Bar & Cafe by purchasing one of the many Owl souvenirs including T-shirts and coffee mugs.

~Information provided by Rowena Baca and Janice Argabright





~ Photos thanks to Gil Garduño and Melody and Mike Groves

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